Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

We're living in an isolated and alienated society


Hong Kong is a very busy city, people spend their whole life striving for material and shelters, yet their own souls are long forgotten, lost or feeling empty. It seem that they all work for life or live for work. They've also forgot about the preciousness of relationships among one another. Don't care about the third world, not even their own country (mostly of the people who live in big city). We're living in an isolated, interpersonal alienated society. I hope we can realize when we put down the weights measures judgement... of the ideological world or to avoid being attacked while mounted ourselves with body aromos. We all are just LOVING HUMAN. Luckily, I'm living in Hongkong where there is no natural disaster and man-made calamity. However, we don't cherish what we have because of the excessive rich materials. I really hope one day all people in the world can live together peacefully and healthily, treating one another with love and kindness. Best wishes, Starry.

Sexual orientation is not a choice


When did you choose? Sexual orientation is not a choice. Be accepting of those who are different, they are who they are meant to be. Think about how boring life would be if we were all the same. If you didn't choose, what makes you think they did...

Postcard-sending to change the world

United States

Hello from Kentucky. I personally use postcard-sending as one way to change the world. Sending free postcards is such an easy way to give people across the world smiles, and it inspires others to do the same. I hope I can one day can get many people to join this hobby and allow for the flow of smiles to increase tremendously. Thank you for hearing my idea! You all take care these days!! ~Tyler

International companies are getting too much power


Hello and Gutentag! Since you ask me for my opinion, I'd like to tell you a little bit about it: I am afriad that international companies are getting too much power all over the world out of profit reasons. They are even trying to change and influence national laws. I really love sports, but some sport associations like IOC and FIFA sometimes behave like those kind of companies. Sincerely yours. Jens

You have my support


Hey people. Wonderful project. For sure you have my support. Greetings from Serbia. Ivica