Postcards for global social change

War. Poverty. Human rights violations.
Environmental crisis. Economic crisis.
A global political crisis?

Do your best

Czech Republic

Maybe the world is not perfect but if you do your best then it will be perfect one day. Good luck with your project! It is inspirational! Gabriela, Czech Republic

Replace hatred with love

Hong Kong SAR China

Dear world, try to understand before you judge. Try to listen before you criticize. Try to accept before you complain. Try to replace hatred with love. Let’s work together to make this world a better place. Janeyre @HK

We are all just human beings


Greetings from Bulgaria! Despite the huge industrial development, colossal technology and media, we are all people. Be human, believe in yourself, enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty and share it with the others. Beneath our seemingly shiny wraps we are all children - sometimes hesitating and scared, but always thriving for life. "Separation is an illusion", as David Mitchel says, "Their life is being played beyond their own limitations". From Galina Yurukova

The changes which counts they lay within us


Hello! Greetings from Romania! My message for the beautiful project you're working on is this: The world was created with no borders. We built this world. In each second and with every thought and every action we take. Maybe we cannot change the world, but the change which counts it lays in us! Simona

Don't use differences to compare, but to understand

Macau SAR China

Living abroad is neither easy nor hard. Adapting with an all-new environment from the language, culture, food or other small things. But from there we can learn, yes, learn many things about each other's differences because difference is not for us to compare but to understand. Siska. Macau.

The change may stumble, but never stop


I doubt there is a formula for a permanent balance between the human condition and nature. Neither I believe in a perfect society. Nevertheless, I do believe in autonomic communities marginalized from the current economic, educative, religious, social and political models. Composed by restless individuals that give life and feed the seeds sowed by thinkers, artists and scientists that from their fields have propelled a new perspective on human coexistence, breaking schemes. Contravening the predatory human of our days. The change is in process, the multiplication of its movements extends the consciousness  to more people, to more regions. The change may stumble, but never stop. I've joined it. Puebla, Mexico. Zory.